I try to remain calm at all times, but… Sometimes something… Or someone… Can make it difficult

There you go

Forget… Forget… Forget…

((I wanted to say you that you're good-looking whit anon, but I can't nooooo D:))

Sorry, I don’t have anon to avoid spam and such and I want to be able to respond to everyone, even if they don’t send me a question or just want to tell me that I look good. This way I can answer them privately. 

Seriously, this have gone on for waaay to long

Hallo Na wie geht's Ludi? :3

Ganz gut

Netherlands Blog!

I have answered the first few questions on my new Netherlands Ask Blog! So go check them out!

Link: http://ask-netherlands-blog.tumblr.com/


Pictures from a photoshoot today with my lovely girlfriend~

Photo & Edit by: Ironicsuperhero

New ask blog!

Hey guys! So as you may or may not know, I also cosplay the Netherlands and I have for a long time been thinking about making a Netherlands ask-blog. Well! Now I have finally done that, so please go and ask me some questions to get it up and running :)

Here is the link: http://ask-netherlands-blog.tumblr.com/

I also hope to be returning to answering questions on this blog soon, so stay with me!

Love - Admin

I'd love to see you in austria cosplay! What do you think about it?

OOC: I will consider it, but I got a lot of cosplays plans already :) I plan on making Baldroy from Black Butler and Dr. Nefarious from Ratchet & Clank next.

I’ve also got plans to cosplay Denmark and Russia soon, but I will add Austria to the list~